Friday, May 16, 2008

Classic Side Eye Picture

Caption this:

Star Of The Week:Tracks

The pictures speak for themselves!!!!

No edges were found during this session.

Crotch Shots

She's either pushing out a baby or taking a either case she nasty!

You can't even see the crotch cause she got so much fat hanging out!

Sometimes less is more sweetie. You could be cute if you didn't have your legs open.

Straight ho-ish!

LAWD HAVE MERCY! Somebody these hoes that fat hanging round the crotch is NOT CUTE OR SEXY!!!

And just who were you trying to impress?

Bad Outfits

This chick can't wait to get in...Is it that serious?

Knee fat and satin spandex don't mix....

Now whoever let they mama or grandmama out looking like a clown should be smacked into next week!

Arm warmers weren't cute in the 80's and they still aint!

What in the Sam Hill is she wearing? And she's a photographer? Where do I start? The rolls of fat or how she was rushed to the hosptal for lack circulation to the brain? Just a hot mess!