Thursday, May 15, 2008

Star Of The Week: Ms. Split

Star Of The Week: Ms. Split!

Damn...are my tracks showing? And what's that spot on the floor?

I sure hope her crotch don't hit the floor! That black spot is sure nuff carrying some HPV!

"Come on yall...Let me get up...Please..."

The cross-eyed chick is saying "Just a little bit more...we may get another drink outta this!"

"Ohh...Thank God ....I think I split my uterus!"

Down Low Gay Men In The Club

Here we have our So Happy To Be Gay Section:

Honey ...he is sweeter than you! I need to know who does his eyebrows...

Get that booty man! Work it!

Gay Star Of The Week:

"oooh my nipples itch!"

"Oh it's so hot!"

I'm happy...I'm carefree...and I'm Gay! I was born this way!

Star of The Week: Snarl

Here's the Star of The Week: Snarl

What in the fuck is she wearing?
A bunch of lace and net!

Maybe she's smiling with her eyes like Tyra says on ATNM...
cause that snarl is straight Raptor-ish...

Crazy Booty

The Booty Category:

Crack is wack!

HMMMM...I've seen that booty before..

Damn...if your grill wasn't so busted then maybe...

Star Of the Week: Ms. Fake Booty

MS Fake Booty

Uhm...the lips and boobs look fake...

What the hell?

OMG!!! Did she seriously wear butt pads under a spandex dress?
Yes she did.

Star Of The Week: Sleepy

Here we have our first star of the week: Sleepy

Sleepy is hanging on to her little Coach purse while getting humped with her dress up...Honey I don't think nobody is interested in stealing your Metro Card!!

"Wait I don't think its in all the way...Hold up.."

"OOO I'm so tired. I'm Sleepy...Let me hold on to my Metro Card. I hope my girls will wake me up!"

The Club Diva Is Back!

Yeah..I know...i's been 7 months....are my readers still out there?

Plus as some of you may have realized I have more than one name...


also known as



yeah...I'm all of them.....soooooo?

And I'ma rock with all them with it! Enjoy the pics!