Monday, November 12, 2007

weekend wrapup/ Freak of October/November!

Everybody sing it with me!
She ain't got no money in the bank!
Crazy Dance Moves

Had to hold them shoes huh? Help! Even the photographer got some!

Shorty on the left looks HAPPPY! I don't know why....Dude is can't even buy her a drink!

And what kinda Lean with it bullsh*t????? That wig/headpiece on the right is killing me!

Yall have to stop with these tats...I can just see you at the Walmart! What kinda job u holding with that. My People we have got to do better!

Freak of the Year!

(who knows...somebody may beat her out)

Introducing Ms. October

This almost as bad as that Carl Thomas Ski Party I went to back in the day. Please notice...he's playing with it...NOT EATING IT!

Ms. November is even better

Again I ask...where were her friends while she was losing her mind?

Thanks 7days7nights...and sexyblacktrini!!!