Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fools @ Mars 2112

Caution...You are about to see some fools and some scary sights!

(don't blame me...yall posed for these pics!)

What an idiot! and ya man in that back looks thirsty and mad!

Sweetie...U cute...but crack is always wack!

Three People who will never be on America's Next Top Model!

Sorry Hon...Pimp cup are played out!

Check out her Goatee...Does she even know how stupid she looks?

Of course not...Man your girl is suppossed to have your back...but not like that!

Two more ANTM candidates who were passed over!

They just look lost and pitiful!

Yall know he ate every dime of that money!

Lawd Have Mercy....It's a dress not a bra! That just looks crazy!

This Is how it should be done....although it looks like her tits are doing the Cupid Shuffle...To da right da left LMAO

The dress is cute...the model? Man listen!

WHY Lord? Women stay getting f-d up and loose!

And end up like homegirl.....Check out the dirty feet!
Club Diva says...Keep it up! Yall give me a lot to talk about!