Monday, October 22, 2007

Freak of the Week!/ Recap 0ct 19-21

Now see...Yall get real stupid in the clubs....and Folks be snapping pictures....

Now I'm about about to snap on you!

Does this bitch even know how stupid she look?
I love head too but damn!

What is it with dumb bitches and bathrooms?

Your pregnant ass needs to be home eating some pickles and vitamins...
Not throwing up old school symbols in a club!

Somebody coulda told her her nip was showing ..jeez! That outfit is 2 sizes too small anyway...Done cut off her circulation!

Somebody get this bitch a samich before she fall out!

Looking like a test tube baby or a preemie!

Bitches who love other bitches...but only in the club!

Yall is str8 nasty...It aint cute at ALL!

Just some nasty hoes...


Yellow Panties and a Purple Dress...

Either she's an Omega Ho

Or Barney on Crack!