Monday, November 19, 2007

Vivica A Fox's B'day party @ Mars 2112

So your girl Vivica A Fox had a birthday party at Mars 2112...

You can always count on Mars to have the craziest pictures!!!!

Vivica...Viv....Who did your weave?
You need to go back and punch her in the face!

Is this what you're reduced to after messing with 50 Cent?

I sure hope not!

Here you can see a close up of Vivica's naps

these prego chicks won't stay out the club!

Damn...I can't get up!
you know she saying: "OWWWWW That's my shit"
These two need not hang with each other NO MO!
Thirsty ass bitches always trying ta take your juice!
Now why was this happening in the club? look a mess...where do I start?

The fake boobs...the nasty stomach...

Halloween was two weeks ago...should have hung out with them nasty bitches!