Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pics from 7/25 Funky Buddha @Myst

Pictures from Myst 7/25/07

This girl was in the Top Ten....but there is something wrong with her face...Looks like she was in a prize fight.

She had to have used that Beyonce tatas would have been hanging out all night! Kudos but dump the yellow shoes! About 20 pics had girls with yellow pumps...

Shesus Kryst!

EVery white girl wanna be Amy Winehouse....this girls def needs some rehab!

The Oh So Krispy crew!

Keyshia Cole's stylist escaped and done fucked somebody else's hair up!

Low budget Donna Summer

Love the dress....but what happened to your hair?

-when light skin doesn't classify you as pretty....

This should have been called the "Yellow Ugly" Party.
-Club Diva